Unique night-time paintball, several scenarios, two artificial rivers and many more surprises, a highly recommended activity to celebrate your stag or hen party


Paintball Bachelor parties

This is the time to enjoy the adrenaline, forming two groups and competing to see who is better and manages to win, plus if you have a stag or hen party, you have the opportunity to have a good time with your host.

Our paintball uses 50 calibre balls, due to their smaller size this allows for better accuracy and the impact is much less painful, making the activity much more fun.

For correct realization of the activity, our instructors will give you a brief explanation and provide you with the necessary equipment (overalls, bib and brace, gloves and mask). During the game you will be accompanied by one of our monitors who will be there to help you while taking photographs of your group. These photographs will be sent to you a few days later so that you will always remember your experience.

The only paintball at night that allows you to do the activity in the hottest months of the year at a great temperature and at the same time makes the game even more interesting.


  • 24 €/pers 200 balls = 30/35 mins approx.
  • 29 €/pers 300 balls = 50 mins approx.
  • 33 €/pers 400 balls = 1 hour 15 mins approx.
  • 37 €/pers 500 balls = 1 hour 30 mins approx.


  • 4 €+/Pers (for groups of + 15 Pers)
  • 5 €+/Pers (for groups between 10 to 15 Pers)
  • 6 €+/Pers (for groups of – 10 Pers)

*Minimum number of participants is 6



  • Paintball + Yellow humour
  • Paintball + Yellow humour + lunch witha open bar
  • Paintball + lunch or dinner at the Beach Club


From 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. non-stop.

Arrive 20 minutes before activity time.




  • Qualified Instructors
  • Basic insurance
  • Free Parking
  • Rest room
  • Showers and lockers

Location Javea


We have a large, fully roofed and enclosed relaxation area equipped for both hot and cold weather, as well as a table football table, music system and TV.We have men’s and women’s changing rooms and toilets with lockers and showers with hot and cold water.A 6 x 3 m swimming pool (summer) is at your disposal for free use.


Enjoy a meal without leaving our premises.

BBQ pork or chicken (includes bread and olive picaetas, nuts and potatoes) – I recommend mixed BBQ (half pork, half chicken)
BBQ PORK (x pers): 1 chop, 1 creole, 1 red chorizo, 1 black pudding and 2 sausages
CHICKEN BBQ (x pers): 1 boneless drumstick, 1 breast and 4 wings

Free bar of beer, sangria and soft drinks for 1h.

22 € per person

Booking in advance



In both summer and winter, we recommend bringing spare clothes and comfortable shoes, trainers/sneakers for playing.

For the summer season, we recommend bringing swimwear, towels and flip-flops for showering on the premises and soaking in our inflatable pool.


Fortnite Boats

2000 square metres set in the famous game, where you will find boats, wheels, cars and many more obstacles that will make the game much more intense.

Fortnite Houses

3000 square metres of endless obstacles and hiding places that you will have to use to your advantage to make your team the winner.

Call Of Duty

5000 square metres set in the game of the same name to make you feel like one of its characters, the soldiers in the cold war of the 21st century. Which team will win?

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